Flash Read and Write

Shooting with flash can open up many different of possibilities. Using flash can help create envisioned imagines in a photographers mind. The way the flash is used is very important, there are three kinds of techniques that can be used to make a picture like good: bouncing off a side wall, bouncing off an overhead surface, and bouncing off with surface behind. The location allows from different lighting to be created.

When being in a reflective area, having a flash being used is important so that your targeted subject does not come out dark. The filler light will fill in the dark places and makes your subject become the main focus. There were other useful and helpful tips that were also mentioned through out the article.

Something else the article mentions is that shutter speed plays a key part in using the flash. If the shutter speed is set to being too quick for the flash or too slow for the camera, the image will not come out good. When this happens, the resulting image will be that the part of the image will be dark will the other part of it is lit up with light. This is why having the shutter speed in a corresponding speed to the speed of the flash going off is important and prioritized.

Iv’e also learned overall that shooting portraits with soft light you’ll make the portrait really way better.

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